This is a terrible time for the arts. It's a terrible time for us all, but theatre and the creative community has been absolutely decimated. 


If you, like me, are desperate to get into a theatre - either to work or to visit - then I've come up with a way you can get a little theatre fix whilst also helping the struggling artists. 


The Theatre Box is the same delightful box of sustainable & ethical treats that you know and love, but with a thespy feel. You'll get:


  • Two mystery plays, beautifully wrapped
  • A bookmark with ribbon made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (click here if you want it to be personalised for an extra 50p!)
  • Something to drink (teas, coffee, hot chocolate, infusions)
  • Something to nibble (a sweet and a savoury option)
  • A theatre-related mystery trinket!
  • 10% of profits from this box will be donated to Acting for Others. Read more about the work they do here.


This won't change the state of the arts, but it's at least something, however small.


The Theatre Box

  • There's a box for you to tell us anything you think we might need to know. Allergies? Pop them in here. Do you love cats so much that if there's a cat book you'd really, really like it?* OK, good to know. Do you only have blue things in your home? Righto. 

    Also, please do tell us if you have any particular triggers, or would prefer not to receive anything connected to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Our books range through the decades, and it's possible that not all of them will be 100%... shall we say... "enlightened" in every way. They may contain all sorts of things, and we absolutely don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Whatever your thing is, tell us. We won't judge, and we'll do our best to avoid it for you. 

    *There are almost certainly no cat books immediately available, but we'll always do our best to accommodate any special requests.