Now, generally speaking, mystery books are the name of the game here at The Sustainable Book Club. A lot of the fun comes from not knowing what you're going to get! 


However, there are some books that have been on the shelves here at SBC HQ for a really long time. They just never seem to be the right book for the right person, and some of them are a bit too risky to send out as a surprise for whatever reason. Perhaps their subject matter is a little controversial. Perhaps they contain something that could be a trigger for someone. Perhaps they're just *very* niche. Whatever the reason, some of the books have been here for a long time. Don't worry, they get loved and given treats and tummy rubs on the reg. But they're all looking for their next home. 


As this time of year is often a little quiet for us small businesses, I'm using the time to run down my stock ahead of a big restock later in the year, and am listing all of these beautiful strays by title, so you can see what you'll get in your box! Not only that, I'm reducing the price too! 


These boxes are exactly the same as an Original Book Box, the only difference is you can choose your book! 


Each box will contain the following:

  • A pre-loved second-hand book, beautifully wrapped
  • A hand-made bookmark, with ribbon made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Something to sip (tea, coffee, chocolate, infusions, that sort of thing)
  • Something to nibble (a sweet option and a savoury option)
  • Something to admire (postcards, charming knickknacks)
  • 10% of profits donated to charity


You're currently browsing Non-Fiction. If you're looking for something else, head back to the Shop page where you'll find different categories. Happy searching!


The books available are:


"Stalingrad" by Antony Beevor

"Historic Cities of England" The Pevensey Press

"My Heart is My Own" by John Guy

"Private Eye Annual 2018"

"Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2015"

"The Starbucks Experience" Joseph A. Michelli

"How to Lose $100.100.000" by Royal Little

"The Glory Boys" by Steve Collins

"Nobody Beats Us" by David Tussel

"Rugby's Strangest Matches" by John Griffiths

"Long Way Down" by Charley Boorman & Ewan McGregor

"The Great Food Gamble" by John Humphrys

"Luella's Guide to English Style"

"How to Walk in High Heels" by Camilla Morton

"Backwards in High Heels" by Kindersley & Vine

"Does My Head Look Big in This?" Abdel-Fattah

"Sacred Space" by Denise Lynn

"Mrs Dolly's Memory Magic"

"A Man Walks into a Bar: Ultimate Joke Collection"

"The Mammoth Book of Jokes"

"The Bedside Guardian 2018"

"Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph Vol 1"

"Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph Vol 2"

"Schott's Almanac 2008"

"The Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations"

Choose Your Own Book - Non-Fiction

  • There's a box underneath your genre selection for you to tell us anything you think we might need to know. Allergies? Pop them in here.