The Sustainable Book Club was set up in 2020 by actress and writer, Charlie Ryall. She has long been keen on trying to lead as sustainable a life as possible, whilst also being aware of cost restrictions on eco-friendly options, as well as convenience. Sometimes it's simply not possible to go for the most sustainable option, as much as we wish it were. 

She was seeking out a gift for a book-loving, eco-keen friend, and found that the exact thing she wanted didn't seem to be available. So she made her own. Thus The Sustainable Book Club was born!

Presuming that she couldn't be the only person looking for such a thing, she decided to set up a way of offering it up to any like-minded folk who might be out there. 

The books are second-hand and, in many cases, beautiful vintage gems.

The treats are all (where physically possible) ethically sourced and in eco-friendly packaging. 

Any extra goodies found in the boxes are all as sustainable as they can be. In any instances where a snack, for instance, comes in non-recyclable packaging, it will come with a note explaining why this is the case. 

(Charlie is still an actress and a writer, but COVID-19 has rather thwarted her profession, so rather than watching every single thing on television, she's doing this.)

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